Mother’s Day – a time to celebrate the motherly figures in our lives, shower them with adoration and acknowledge all they’ve done for us. Often, we forget how much our mothers do, the sacrifices they make, the never-ending energy they always seem to have and the immense love they’re always full of. 

While the flowers and chocolates are staple gifts, why not up the ante this Mother’s Day by buying her something that is as timeless and wholesome as her love? Get her a gift that reflects her personality and interests – from paintings for the art lovers to candles for the meditating mothers, here are some gift ideas to get her on this special day.

1. Cushions:

For the mums that love turning a house into a home, why not get her something that brings an added layer of style and colour to the place. Our cushion collection features an extensive array of various shapes, colours and sizes that is sure to elevate your soft furnishing spaces to radiate the same sense of comfort and warmth as mothers do.

2. Photo Frames:

Pictures have the power to not only take you back to a particular period of time, but also convey to anyone who comes across it, just how special that moment in time was. Why not preserve these “time machines” of sorts by putting them in frames that stand out? What better way to show how much you love your mum by taking her back in time to the happy memories you’ve shared over the years?

3. Paintings

Just like how your mum brightens up any room she walks into, why don’t you brighten her home with a splash of colour. From oil paintings to canvas, our vast selection is certain to elicit a genuine smile from any art-loving mum. Whether its flowers, animals or an abstract piece, these paintings will be sure to add to the beauty of your home, just as your mum does.

4. Candles

Whether it’s to create a more relaxing space or she just really loves the smell of lavender, candles are a great Mother’s Day gift. The warmth that candles emanate are sure to serve as a reminder of the warm and loving nature your mum radiates. With various scents available, your mum is spoilt for choice, and if you want to cultivate an even calmer ambience, why not check out our beautiful candle holders that are sure to add to a soothing atmosphere.

5. Gift Sets

Is your mum an avid tea drinker? Does she like going to the spa but feels like she never has time? Does she have a sweet tooth? Why not get her one of our thoughtful gift sets, ranging from tea warmer sets to home spa kit to even a chocolate fondue set. Our gift sets are a perfect way to show your mum just how much she means to you.

The motherly figures in our lives need to feel as loved and appreciated as they make us feel on a daily basis, and a gift from our extensive collection at TACC will be sure to help with that. Plus, enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase when you spend Kshs. 2,000/- or more, thanks to our partnership with Greenspoon.

Let this Mother’s Day be forever immortalised with a gift as everlasting as a mother’s love.